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Tips On How To Create A Smart Home

Thinking about turning your home into a smart home can be quite overwhelming. If you go down the route of buying a wireless hub and then choosing appliances which will connect into […]

Mashable Takes You Inside The Present And Future Of Smart Home Technology

What do you think the home will be like in 2020?  Most likely, you will have more appliances and gadgets that works together in a well connected smart home!  Mashable talked to […]

The Upcoming Fundraising Concert For Ben Tomlinson

In 2010, Ben Tomlinson was paralyzed from a gunshot battle in Afghanistan.  Today, Ben lives life in a wheelchair and needs help to do simple tasks we all take for-granted   Now the people from […]

Good News Fridays: Brendan Marrocco Arm Transplants

I have started Good News Fridays to put something good out there!  And this week I am going with a military theme.  A soldier who lost all four of his limbs in […]

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