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Convention Tuesdays: Kami-Con, Seishun-Con, Secret Mission Con, Hair Of The Dragon 2020

Welcome to Convention Tuesdays! Every Tuesday, I will feature and highlight conventions happening during the upcoming weekend in Alabama, or within short driving distances from Alabama.

January 31-February 2 — Kami-Con — Birmingham, Alabama

Kami-Con is a 3-day convention that celebrates Japanese culture, geek culture, anime & manga, cosplay, tabletop & video gaming, comics, TV shows, movies, and much, much more! Kami-Con is also a uniquely interactive convention in that it features events which allow congoers to affect the outcome of its story!

Major guests include Jacob Hopkins, Terrell Ransom Jr., Jim Cummings, and more.  Major events include a cosplay contest, live concerts, dancing, and more.  Learn more at:

January 31-February 2 — Seishun-Con — Atlanta, Georgia

Seishun Con is a fan-driven event focusing on Japanese culture, Anime and Manga spanning 3 days in Atlanta, GA.  Major guests include Billy Kametz, Erica Mendez, and more.  Learn more at:

January 31-February 2 — Secret Mission Con — Atlanta, Georgia

Learn more at:

February 1 — Hair Of The Dragon — Atlanta, Georgia

On Saturday night, February 1st, 2020 Markster Con Productions will be hosting the 9th annual edition of it’s highly successful HAIR OF THE DRAGON from 8pm-1am. Come work with some of the best photographers in the Atlanta cosplay community, as well as mingling, networking and partying it up with your fellow Con freaks. You’ve spent hours…weeks…and maybe even months working on your costume(s) so come out to STUDIO SPACE ATLANTA and get photographed in them.

Learn more at:

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