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Roadscapes Wednesday: How Much Do Traffic Jams Cost The U.S. Economy

On this Roadscapes, let’s talk about those pesky traffic jams we sometimes encounter. If you’re like the 76% of Americans who drive to work alone, you’ve probably commuted in stop-and-go traffic with no end in sight. Then, when the road finally clears, you realize there was no reason for traffic to be stopped in the first place.

Experts call them “phantom traffic jams,” moments when traffic grinds to a standstill for no apparent reason.  That traffic comes at a big cost, in both time and money.  A new study found the average urban commuter spends about 54 hours each year sitting in traffic.  It also costs the U.S. economy a grand total of $179 billion each year, according to the Texas A&M Transportation Institute.

Now, CNBC takes a look at these traffic jams, and the ideas to stop the traffic jams for good.

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