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Why You Should Use A Virtual Room Designer In Your Kitchen Renovation

You’re finally in a place where you can design your dream kitchen. You’ve fantasized this moment since you purchased your home, and you can’t wait to get started. Now you can’t decide if you want white cabinets, or to go with natural wood. What kind of countertops should you put in? Color? Layout? Suddenly it all feels so overwhelming, and an interior designer isn’t in your budget. Or maybe you’re a hardcore DIYer and you’re determined to pull this off on your own, but you don’t want to make mistakes that will ruin the finished product. It might be time for you to consider a virtual room designer for your renovation.

What Is a Virtual Room Designer?

It seems like everything is online these days. Design options are no different. There are different directions you can take when using a virtual room designer, you can pick the one that suits you best, based on your budget and needs. If you’re not certain you trust your own decisions, there are design companies that offer virtual services. A real person will take the measurements and photographs that you send them, and do a digital mockup of your room and their suggested design. They will design your space without ever seeing kitchen in person. This is substantially less expensive than a traditional designer, but can still run around $1000, depending on the services you require.

Maybe you’re thinking, that sounds like something you can do yourself. You can! There are dozens of interactive virtual room design tools, and many of them are free. Some can be found online, and others are available as an app. You simply enter in your room dimensions and go to town. These design tools allow you to sample everything from wall color and flooring to layout. Some are rendered more realistically than others, and some allow you to do both 2d and 3d images. Many big box retailers even offer free online room design tools. These can be particularly helpful if you know you will be making purchases from them.

You Can Experiment

Most virtual room designers will produce a realistic 3d image. This allows you the freedom to test different design strategies in your kitchen. No matter what the scope of your kitchen renovation is, a virtual room designer is a valuable tool. Planning a modest renovation with paint and new floors? You can test paint colors and flooring types. Going for something more extensive? You can test layouts and see how your kitchen will look with walls removed and new cabinets. Many room design tools have galleries you can browse, to give you design inspiration. With a virtual room designer, you can see the finished space, and determine if it really is the kitchen of your dreams.

It Will Save You Time and Money

Making use of a virtual room designer will not only save you the expense of an interior designer, it will also save you from making costly design mistakes. With the dimensions at your fingertips, you can plan everything down to the last detail. You will see in advance if your paint color blends well with your flooring selection, saving you time, and the cost of repainting. Incorrectly measuring large appliances, and making last minute adjustments, or taking time to return and repurchase will be a non-issue. You can simply test the dimensions ahead of time, and assure a perfect fit. You can see design mishaps before they happen, and address them before any hammers are swung, or materials are purchased.

Ease and Convenience

Of course the most obvious reason for using a virtual room designer is the ease and convenience. Kitchen remodels take a lot of time and energy. With a virtual room designer, you can simplify the planning process. It can be hard to picture a finished space and make decisions based on a few samples. A virtual room designer removes that road-block.  Since they can be used from the comfort of your own home, you don’t have to worry about forcing your schedule to work around time consuming design appointments. A virtual room designer removes the frustration of the design process, and turns it into something that allows your creativity to shine, without all the stress.

You want your kitchen renovation to go as smoothly as possible. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and a place you’ll make memories with friends and family. So why not remove the stress of kitchen renovation, by making use of technology, and using a virtual room designer. You’ll save money, flex your design muscles, and still have a beautiful and functional end result. Your kitchen will shine, and you’ll be able to smile and say “I designed it myself.”

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