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The Road To Being Taken Seriously In Your Career

The workplace can be a cruel arena, a Hunger Games for grabbing opportunities, promotions and respect. Most likely you feel like you’re just about getting by and struggling to be taken seriously. But there comes a time when that needs to change.

Whether you’re setting up your own business, or hoping to make waves where you work – you need people to start taking you seriously if you’re going to get anywhere. So how is it done? Here’s some advice that could help.

Be present

If you want people to start taking you seriously – they need to get to know your face. From making sure you’re always on time (or early) for work and meetings, you’ll help create a good impression. When you’re at meetings, show an interest and be engaged – you need to craft a positive impression of yourself as someone who cares about their job and the company, being present in mind not just in body.

Get involved

By getting to know people at work, you can help them learn more about who you are and what you have to offer. Watching from the sidelines is easy, but getting involved is what gets you noticed. Volunteer to help with different projects, attend social functions and voice your opinion in meetings – people will soon recognize you as being an active member of the team. If you’re a bit shy or lack confidence, start off with some easy ways of getting involved at work to help you ease yourself in gradually.

Educate yourself

People like to trust an expert’s opinion, and training and educating yourself can help you get taken more seriously at work. Boosting your education is a great move for your professional development, while also impressing your employers. What kinds of degrees are useful to you? USC Gould School of Law offers an online masters degree in law, which could be beneficial if you have management in mind. Courses in business, marketing and finance can also help you to get ahead or equip you with the knowledge you need to become a successful business owner yourself.

Build your confidence

Speaking up is easier said than done. When you lack self-confidence or you’ve got a fear of public speaking, it can be difficult to make your voice heard at work. Some confidence-boosting techniques such as resilience training or learning to ask questions can help you become more self-assured over time, ready to speak up.

Taking better care of yourself can also help you to build your confidence. Embrace ways of boosting your health, get fit, sleep more and learn how to deal with stress. When you feel more confident in yourself, you’ll reflect it in your work too.

Being taken seriously at work is a popular goal to have, and it can be achieved if you follow the right path. Work on growing your confidence, hone your skills and be willing to participate. Your efforts will help you get taken more seriously by your peers, and help you climb the career ladder too.

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