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Animation Monday: Your Favorite Shows Might Not Exist Without Dexter’s Laboratory

Back in the early 1990’s Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network were trying to establish themselves with new and original content.  One of Nick’s first animated originals was Rugrats.  And one of the first animated originals for Cartoon Network was Dexter’s Laboratory.

Without the success of Dexter’s Laboratory, many other great animated series would never exist.  In fact, many of the cartoons and animated shows kids and adults love would not exist.  The YouTube channel Nerdstalgic talks about why Dexter’s Laboratory was a big gamechanger for Cartoon Network.

Cartoon Network made out well with their first fully animated original show and Genndy Tartakovsky created something special. Dexter’s Laboratory knew something far too many shows at the time didn’t, and in turn, it reshaped careers and in some ways, a lot of the television space with its success.  Enjoy below!

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