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Crowdsourcing Mornings: A Brand New Supermarket – Move

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Move, a digital supermarket, is now available to the public. For the first time, customers can buy a membership to Move, locking in the lowest annual membership fee for life. Move works with America’s best artisans to make daily staples and ships them direct-to-consumer. By taking out the middleman, Move is able to make the country’s best groceries at radically fair prices.

Launching on Kickstarter today with membership starting at $95, backers can lock in this annual rate even as prices go up after the crowdfunding campaign. Kickstarter backers will be able to start placing orders in February 2020, months ahead of the general public.

The supermarket experience has not changed in over three decades, despite consumer behavior changing with the Internet – in fact, 97% of grocery shopping is still done offline.  Move (formerly known as MoveButter) has spent the last 2 ½ years building a new, national supermarket. The Move supermarket will be stocked with staples from award-winning artisans, prepared meals from Michelin-starred chefs, and ethically sourced staples from around the world.

Move is adopting a vertically integrated model. By cutting out the middleman, Move is able to make better products at fairer prices for consumers. From California produce picked at peak season, to handcrafted Vermont cheese and premium butcher cuts of meat, Move is designing a supermarket with the country’s highest-quality staples.

Starting with 100 essential staples at launch, Move will scale to 500 products by the end of 2021. By doing so, Move will contrast itself with traditional supermarkets (that often carry up to 50,000 SKUs). Instead of competing on the size of selection, Move will focus on quality over quantity by sourcing products from artisans and producers who have been recognized with a total of 10 Michelin stars, James Beard awards, and Good Food awards. Move’s core thesis on retail is that one great product is better than 100 average ones.

“Think about this – the American grocery sector is the largest consumer sector in the world – $700 Billion per year. It’s also the sector with the lowest digital penetration– less than 3%. Traditional supermarket giants haven’t innovated in decades. And the new e-commerce players haven’t done much to replace them. That’s why we’re building the first, national digital supermarket. And we’ve spent 2.5 years figuring out and designing what that looks like. After thousands of hours, we’re so proud to be bringing a truly disruptive supermarket to life — one that’s better in every single way,” said Chai Mishra, CEO and Founder of Move. “You can’t be a radical retailer if you’re selling other people’s products. We believe that if you want to be a truly great retailer, you have to  make your own products – which is exactly what we’re doing. We control every part of the retail journey from design to delivery. That allows us to make products that are tangibly higher quality, more affordable and more ethical.”

Move has been backed by industry experts including Y Combinator, the San Francisco 49ers, Joe Montana, the Marzotto family, the founders of Caviar and Home24, former professional gamer Dan Dinh, Xavier Niel, Matt Bellamy of Muse, among hundreds of  others.

As of September 25th, this project has raised $120,000 of their $50,000 goal. This project has 43 days left to raise as much as it can.  For a pledge of $175, you will get a Move one year membership.  To learn more and to pledge money, go to:

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