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Three Of The Coolest Objects You’ve Never Seen In An Office 100%

Innovative companies, especially in the tech or creative industries, are investing energy and money into designing workspaces that seem more like playgrounds for grownups than places where you’d do your nine-to-five. From basketball hoops to jelly-bean machines, company HQs around the world are pushing the envelope when it comes to the objects that belong in an office.

The thinking behind this movement is that creating fun, inspiring spaces for company employees will empower them to be more creative. While it is often startups with crowd sourced funding that have the freedom to be informal, many innovative Business leaders have taken up this trend, too. Large corporations like Google and Apple agree that a playful work environment will spark conversation, drive collaboration, and free people up to play with ideas.

If you’re in need of a job, but don’t really feel like hard work, you might like to apply at one of the companies who share this vision. Before you start shooting off your resume, here are a few businesses that have included some out-there objects in their offices.

A Disco Tunnel

Top advertising agency, Karmarama thinks their employees are more likely to come up with creative solutions to work problems if they stroll into the office by way of a “disco tunnel”. The Karmarama HQ also boasts an odd—but fun!—collection of objects, like a massive statue of Bhudda, a plastic life-sized llama, a VW camper-van, and a pinball machine. If you’re lucky enough to land a job at this prestigious agency, you’ll never get bored at work again. (If advertising isn’t your jam, you could create your own Karmarama office at home, with a disco ball and a pinball FX3!)

A Climbing Wall Instead of Stairs

Google’s UK headquarters in Kings Cross London is due a revamp, and Google has released details plans for the project. In true Google style, the plans include such features as a rooftop running track, a swimming pool, and a climbing wall between two floors. (Instead of stairs? Or will there still be stairs? If you’re thinking of applying to be a Googler in London, you might want to ask this question.) Though the Internet giant’s renovation plans caused a splash when they were released, they have since been withdrawn, with Google citing as their reason that even bigger, bolder, wackier and more ambitious plans were in the works.

A Gingerbread House

If you’ve heard of the kids’ game “Moshi Monsters” you may be familiar with Mind Candy. Based in London, this game company has taken the approach of trying to get its staff to see the world through the eyes of its customer bases, i.e. children. The workspace boasts the types of meeting rooms you would expect if you allowed a child to decide on what a meeting room should be. Come for a meeting at Mind Candy, and you’ll be shown to a wooden treehouse or a gingerbread house. If you need to chill out between meetings, you can lavish your artistic talents on their coloring-in wall, or take a nap in one of their quiet areas that have been designed to resemble rabbit holes.

Whether you’re a motivated worker or not, an office can be fun. Send your resume to one of these companies, and never be bored at work again.

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