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Watch A Real Lawyer React To Star Trek TNG Measure Of A Man (Picard Defends Data’s Humanity)

There were some great episodes of Star Trek: the Next Generation.  And one of those great episodes was “The Measure of a Man.”  Below, you get to watch a real lawyer from the LegalEagle YouTube channel react to this episode.

When Starfleet officer Maddox orders Data’s disassembly for research purposes, Data is thrust into a legal battle to determine if he is entitled to the rights enjoyed by sentient beings. Data tries to resign his commission but Starfleet won’t let him. Worse, against his will, Commander Riker is ordered to advocate against Data. Captain Picard must defend Data in a trial for his life.

Is it a realistic trial? Does Data deserves all the rights and privileges of a Starfleet officer? IS DATA A REAL PERSON?!  Find out the legal aspects to this episode below!

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