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Donate To My GoFundMe Campaign “Help Nathan Get A Car”

It’s here.  After I made a video seeing if this would be a good idea, many supported it.  And now it is live.  I have created a GoFundMe titled “Help Nathan Get A Car.”  The goal is simple, raise funds to get a reliable car.  Learn more about this campaign below.

Hello everyone.  My name is Nathan Young, and I was recently on the A&E show “The Employables.”  The show follows those with either Autism or Tourette’s as they try to find a job.  In my episode, we able to find a job with a local highway department.  The only way currently I am able to get back and forth is with a local mass transit system.  Unfortunately this mass transit system constantly takes a different route to avoid picking me up.  Combined with other big problems and this mass transit system is horribly run.  You can learn more about this by clicking here.

Other than the job, I also run Geek Alabama, and I constantly have to say “NO” to people who want me to cover their events, business, charities, or other fun things because of a lack of a car.  I have to either walk several miles through bad neighborhoods with my camera equipment, take a taxi that can cost $25-50 per ride, rent a car which can cost over $100 per rental, or I have to hope a friend can pick me up to drive me home.

This campaign will raise funds to help me buy a reliable car so I can get to the job without being left behind, and I can cover more events and features for my Geek Alabama blog.  I am hoping I can make my 33rd birthday on August 15th a memorable one with the peace and mind of having my own transportation so I will never be left behind ever again, plus I can have the security of a car as I drive through parts of Anniston, which have been ranked the most dangerous city in America.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you can donate.

You can now donate by clicking:

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