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Good News Fridays: Strawberry Banana Dog Ice Cream Kongs

It’s hot outside, so if you have dogs, this is a easy recipe you can make for your dogs.  The folks from Gone to the Snow Dogs made Strawberry Banana Dog Ice Cream Kong Treats.  Frozen Dog Treats are a great summertime dog treat and a fun way to keep you dogs cool in the summer months.  This easy DIY Frozen Dog Treat Recipe is good for keeping your dogs entertained during warm weather.  Kong toys are a good way to keep your dogs mentally active.  Frozen Kong Stuffing treats also last quite a while.  Many people just put peanut butter in a Kong and freeze it, but we do a bit more then that!  Today we are making Ice Cream for Dogs and stuffing it into a Kong Toy!

I love the dogs jumping onto the table and trying to steal the food.  See the fun video below!

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