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Animation Monday: DuckTales / Della’s Moon Lullaby

Over the weekend, Disney Channel premiered a special DuckTales episode called “What Ever Happened To Della Duck?”  We got a clue in the season one finale when Della saw her boys on TV while she was on the moon.  But I am sure we wanted to know how Della Duck ended up on the moon.  And she has been there for a very long time!

I loved the episode, and apparently there are others living on the moon, who knew?  Della survives on the moon by chewing this special oxygen gum.  And she lost one of her legs after she crashed on the moon.  In this episode, they used the music from a 1980’s DuckTales game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, and re-wrote it as a lullaby with actual lyrics about the moon called “Della’s Moon Lullaby.”  It was brilliant!

This was a great episode to watch, and it’s too bad we must wait until May for new episodes of DuckTales, I can wait to watch them!  And hopefully Della will find her way back to Earth, that will be one emotional reunion!

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