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Animation Monday: DuckTales Is Cancelled

Sad news coming from Disney.  They announced that the newest version of DuckTales was cancelled.  Either the creators of the show decided to end it, or Disney cancelled it.  But either way, […]

Animation Monday: Darkwing Duck Coming Onto DuckTales

UPDATE: Disney XD has posted the full episode on their YouTube channel! Back in the 1990’s, the cartoon Darkwing Duck became very popular and is remembered for being a good cartoon.  Now, […]

Animation Monday: DuckTales / Della’s Moon Lullaby

Over the weekend, Disney Channel premiered a special DuckTales episode called “What Ever Happened To Della Duck?”  We got a clue in the season one finale when Della saw her boys on […]

Animation Monday: DuckTales The Shadow War Season One Finale

The season one finale of DuckTales was last weekend, and it was amazing!  The hour-long episode featured Magica DeSpell taking everyone’s shadows and turning them evil.  And the Duck family had to put […]

Animation Monday: DuckTales 2017 / Big Hero 6: The Series

On this Animation Monday, on a Tuesday, let’s talk two brand new cartoons! Over the fast few months, we have seen the premiere of two new cartoons on Disney XD.  In the […]

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