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See Pictures And Video From The Gilley’s Christmas Lights 2017


This is a family tradition that began from a man who loved Christmas.  J.C. Gilley worked on all the displays you see at the Christmas attraction through the years.  For over 20 years he would mix metal wire with Christmas lights until another Christmas masterpiece was created.  Each display was made by hand, and ever since J.C. Gilley’s death in 2002, his brothers Mike Gilley and Donnie Gilley continue the tradition by placing out all the Christmas decorations that are all mechanical.  That’s right, they all move!

The family enjoys the people who come out to enjoy the Christmas decorations J.C. Gilley made.  And if you want to go out and see them yourself, it’s easy to get there.  From Hokes Bluff, go up Main St. then Centre Road until you go past Ball Play.  You will see Gilley Road on the left, turn on the road and you will see the lights on the left.  You can also go down Cherokee County 7 from Leesburg, go across the Coosa River, and the lights will be on the right.  The lights are on from 5-9 pm through the Christmas season.  Learn more at:

And next December 2018, the Gilley’s Christmas Lights will be featured on the ABC show The Great Christmas Light Fight!  Go see them now before the crowds get massive next season.

Enjoy the video and pictures!

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