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Stuck On That Perfect Geeky Christmas Gift – Consider VR!


Christmas is now just around the corner, and many of us are rushing out to the stores in desperation to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Finding the right present for a geek however, can be more difficult than it sounds. Getting the right game or console for them simply isn’t an option (unless they’ve specified beforehand), so it can leave you a little stuck on what to get them. We’re lucky enough in this day and age to have some incredible technology, and that’s why we’re saying, consider virtual reality! Here’s some more information on it if you’re still not sold on the idea!

IMAGE CREDIT: Photo by Artem Kim on Unsplash

VR isn’t just for gaming

While your main reason might be to buy your loved one a VR is their love of games and consoles, virtual reality headsets aren’t only good for gaming. Those who suffer with things like anxiety and insomnia can also benefit from owning a VR headset. Rather than having games displayed, you can upload calming videos, music, and images that can indeed, help relax an overtired and overworked mind. So, while a virtual reality headset makes an awesome gaming addition, it can also be used for medicinal purposes too.

It is important, however, to understand that there are health risks that come with the real new world, and if you’re considering a VR headset for your children, then it’s important to clue yourselves up on how long you should be using it for and whether it could compromise eyesight.

VR is a thing of the future

You’ve probably seen the development of consoles and gaming in general over the last 20 years or so, and you’ll have seen the change from 8 bit graphics to feeling like you’re actually there, and the way that we play our games. Wires are no longer needed to control our devices, and technology has developed so much that we’re even able to get fit using a gaming console. VR headsets are up there with the big dogs of development, and in the future it’s likely that many games will require you to need a headset to get the full experience of the game. So, if you choose to buy a virtual reality headset, you know it’s going to last the course.

It’s actually more cost-effective than you think

You may have worries in your head about the price compared to the use that it’s going to get, but if you look at it logically, you’ll realize that it’s actually more cost-effective than you might think. Going back to our last point, VRs are going to be used so much more in the future, and getting one now can save a lot of money in the future. Also, think about how much a VR headset costs compared to a whole gaming console and its accessories? You’re saving a considerable amount of money in the long run!

Hopefully this has given you more of an insight on VRs and how effective they can actually be. Remember to read up on dangers that may be associated with overuse! Merry Christmas!

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