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Keeping Busy On Those Cold Winter Evenings

If you’re one of the many people who hate the cold, you’ll be all too familiar with the prospect of staying at home in the winter. The good news is that staying home is the new going out, and there are lots of great things you can do to make staying in on a Friday or Saturday night something to be excited about. Whether you’re looking to save money for the holidays or simply enjoy some quiet time by yourself, you’ll love these ideas for how to keep busy on those cold winter evenings.

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Have friends come over

Staying in during the winter months doesn’t have to mean that you become unsociable. Instead of heading out for a night on the town, invite your friends over for a game night or to watch a movie instead. There are some great games you can play now, from role-playing like Deliverance where you’ll find out what does an angel look like, to multiplayer games on the xBox or Playstation. Take it in turns to host and enjoy some great nights in with your friends.


Get baking

Is there anything better than the smell of delicious home baking in the winter? Not only will your home be filled with a sweet aroma, but you’ll also have a warmer house too. Take a look at some cool recipe ideas for you to try this winter and enjoy getting your bake on! Whether you like to bake for yourself or for friends and family, get busy in the kitchen and enjoy whipping up some tasty treats!


Get stuck in to a box set

What did we do on nights in before Netflix or Prime Video? Now nights in are great again and you can get stuck in to some fantastic box sets and watch some top TV during the winter months. Are you all caught up on Game of Thrones or American Horror Story? Plan for a season of watching epic shows with some of the best series to binge-watch on Netflix this year. Your Netflix subscription will be much cheaper than heading out for some drinks or going to the movies, so you’ll be able to save a bit this winter with Netflix night ins too.


Start a side hustle

More and more people are embarking on a side hustle to help them make some extra cash, and when better to give it a go than on those long winter nights? There are a lot of lucrative side hustle ideas that you can start today to grow your income and save for the things you really want. From starting a blog to trying your hand at investments, you never know where a side hustle could lead you.

Winter can be a pretty dull time as the season often feels long and never-ending. By keeping yourself busy, you can keep those seasonal blues at bay and enjoy doing things you wouldn’t usually get the time to do. How will you keep busy this winter?

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