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Blogsense! 4 White Lies It’s Okay To Tell

As a blogger, you took an oath never to lie to your readers. You might not be a certified journalist but you want the platform to be as authentic as possible. To do that, there is no time for colorful, TMZ-style posts where there is very little truth. Plus, it’s personal and you need it to showcase the woman (or man) behind the mask. In short, there is no time for fibs.

Fast-forward a couple of months and things are a little tough. You don’t realize it yet but your Hippocratic Oath is holding you back. It’s not as if you need to start spinning a web of deceit; more like it’s important to have an artistic license. After all, the pen is mightier than the sword.

Although it seems like the last thing you want to do, telling a porky pie can impact everything from trust to traffic and profit. Here are four it’s perfectly fine for a blogger to say to people.

The Platform Is Big (Bigger Than It Looks)

How your readers and your base perceive the blog is going to make or break the platform. To be successful, it’s essential to have a large volume of visitors each day to attract sponsors and make money. Also, a high amount of traffic boosts your reputation within the industry and sets you out as a market leader. The knock-on effect is extra visitors and the cycle continues.

The great thing about bending the truth about the popularity of your blog is the fact you don’t have to say a word. Instead, all you need are virtual services from the likes of As soon as customers and clients see this, they’ll peg the platform as more than an average blog.

Not to be facetious, but how many mompreneurs do you know with a reputable address and access to a meeting room?

You Can Trust Us

Trust isn’t something you can lie about. Either people have faith in your ability to deliver or they don’t. The latter is a death sentence for blogs, especially ones with an e-store which want to sell merchandise. After all, no one is going to put their credit card details into a website which might be dodgy. It’s the thing not to do in the modern handbook to online shopping.

Again, it’s possible to build trust without telling your base you’re honest. The trick is to invest in a logo and put it on the site. Logos are symbols which instantly make people think of the likes of Nike or Apple or Walmart. What these companies have in common is the success: they’re three of the biggest firms on the planet. Because SMEs tend to avoid them, you can piggyback off the perception of a logo.

The more they see it, the more they’ll think “this blog is kickass!”

I’m Qualified

This one isn’t for the readership but the clients and business partners. Hopefully, they’ll be a point when the volume of traffic is big enough to attract outside sponsors. When this happens, it’s essential to branch out and take advantage to monetize the blog. To boost your rep and the street cred of the platform, you should advertise and start posting on reputable sites.

However, to do the latter, you’re going to need to show them a resume. As points out, there is no need to hold back from a lying perspective. Everyone does it; you need to choose the right fibs. Tell them you can do things which you can learn on the job. If you’re applying for a video content role, then figure out how to edit and use the software during and after the process.

As long as the content is quality, then you’ll have plenty of time before they catch on.

It’s My Passion

The truth is some people run blogs without being completely immersed in the lifestyle. Rather than a passion project, they see it as a way to make money. Does this sound familiar? If the answer is yes, there isn’t an issue. Great content writers can produce a range of posts which audiences want to read on a daily basis.

However, the base might feel differently. They think bloggers should be passionate about the platform as it’s a form of qualification. With this in mind, it’s not wrong to say things such as “I love what I do” or “this is my life.” has five extras which show a love for blogging. As long as they get what they want, there isn’t an issue.

Sometimes, bloggers have to be professional as opposed to authentic.

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