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Animation Monday: Reliving The California Raisins And The Domino’s Pizza Noid

The person who helped to create the California Raisins and the Noid from Domino’s Pizza has passed away.  Will Vinton was 70 years old and passed way from cancer that he battled.  Will became famous for the claymation animation that you saw in TV ads in the 1980’s.  He also created several films and TV specials as well.  No doubt, the most famous work created by Will Vinton that still lives on today is the California Raisins and The Noid.  We all remember the commercials of the singing and dancing raisins telling us to eat more raisins.  Here is a roundup of some of the ads.

Hardee’s also used the California Raisins for their ads as well, I remember seeing these.

Also, you got to see commercials featuring The Noid, who was there to try to ruin your pizza, and telling viewers to order Domino’s Pizza which delivers in under 30 minutes.

Will Vinton also created other famous works such as the short film Closed Mondays.

And he also helped to create the TV show The PJ’s.

Rest in peace Will Vinton, and the slow death of claymation animation, since mostly all animation today is done by computers.

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