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Roadscapes Wednesday: Could The Classic 4-Way Oxford Traffic Lights Be Saved

I am very happy to see this.  In a past post, I highlighted many of the classic 4-way traffic lights that are now gone.  Currently, downtown Oxford is in a middle of their streetscape project.  Parts of the sidewalks have been re-done, while other parts will soon be worked on.  From a Anniston Star article (paywall), a streetscape consultant is hoping Oxford will keep these vintage traffic lights, and I hope so too.

Since the traffic lights were taken down, the three intersections are now 4-way stops.  The city is considering to keep the 4-way stops, and never put any traffic lights up.  And I hope the leaders in Oxford will re-consider.  Oxford is currently making their downtown look better, and one way to make the downtown look great is to put up these traffic lights once again.

If they put these lights back up, I hope each light gets a little TLC with new paint and lenses.  But, as you can see in the photos above, the lights look beautiful!  If the goal is to slow down traffic through downtown, make the light cycles shorter, so one can not go through all three intersections at once without stopping.

I have a classic 4-way Eagle traffic light in my living room.  I love it when I get a chance to light it up, it looks pretty and cool!  I hope future generations can see how cool these classic traffic lights really are.  So, I hope Oxford will make the decision to put up these classic traffic lights once again and let them shine!  If they think 4-way stops are better, sell these classic lights to people like me.

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