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Roadscapes Wednesday: Say Goodbye To Oxford Alabama’s Old 4-Way Downtown Traffic Lights

If you go to downtown Oxford, Alabama.  You see a couple of intersections with old 4-way traffic lights along Main Street.  Some have LED lights, which came from Anniston.  And some are the older light bulbs.  Currently, downtown Oxford is in the middle of a downtown streetscape project to replace sidewalks, narrow the streets, add new light poles, and make downtown prettier.  But, in the plans are to install new traffic lights, which mean these older 4-way traffic lights will soon come down.

I have an old 4-way Eagle signal in my home, which came from Anniston.  And I hope the City of Oxford will not just throw these old 4-way traffic lights into the landfill.  There are people who will buy these 4-way traffic lights, and for a lot of money too!  I paid $500 to get that Eagle old 4-way traffic light.  These old 4-way traffic lights are a piece of Americana.  And people love having old Americana pieces in their homes.  So when these older 4-way lights come down for good, please allow people to buy them!

And I also wanted to profile this light at the intersection of Berry Street and 4th Street.  These old 4-way lights are pitiful.  Electrical tape is used to cover up large cracks along the door that accesses the light bulb.  And a couple of lenses have holes in them.  It’s sad-looking.

This intersection has a very old mechanical traffic light box controlling it.  You can hear the sounds when it changes the lights.  The problem is on every cycle, the lights go from green to blank.  Then after the next click, the lights go to yellow, then red.  See in the video below.

Well, the City of Oxford noticed this, and now the light is on blink mode with 4th Street having stop signs.  These lights are probably going to come down soon.  I hope these lights are also not thrown into the landfill.  Let someone buy these lights Oxford!

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