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Foodie Saturdays: 50 Years Of The Big Mac And What I Like To Get At McDonald’s

The Big Mac at McDonald’s is 50 years old, yes it’s been around for half a century now.  McDonald’s is celebrating the 1968 national launch of the double-decker sandwich whose ingredients of “two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions and a sesame seed bun” were seared into American memories by a TV jingle.  The most interesting fact is only one out of five millennials has tried the Big Mac.  And guess what, I am one of them!  I have never tried the Big Mac.  Why?  I have never liked those so called “special sauces” those burger chains make.  I am not a fan of mayonnaise, or anything pickled.

So, when I go to McDonald’s, this is the meal I usually get.  I am a big fan of their Chicken McNuggets.  Our local McDonald’s has a deal for a 10 piece Chicken McNuggets meal for five dollars.

And I also usually get a McDouble to add-on.  But, since the McDonald’s app is offering a $1 sandwich deal per day through September 30th, I got a Quarter Pounder with Cheese instead.  And I am happy that McDonald’s switched to fresh beef patties for their Quarter Pounder burgers.

And don’t forget their famous fries!

So there you have, my favorite foods at McDonald’s!  I sometimes might also get an ice cream cone for dessert too!

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