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Great Big Story Shows How Nashville Is Keeping Honky Tonk Alive

The YouTube channel Great Big Story made a 46 minute short film about Nashville’s Honky Tonk.  By day, Kevin Martin runs on coffee and the promise of 5 pm But by night, it’s bright lights, shiny boots and steel guitars.  Together with his friend, Brendan Malone, they makeup “The Cowpokes,” a two-step band playing 1950s country-western tunes wherever and whenever they can.  On Tuesdays, they play the American Legion Post 82, a community center turned cinder block honky tonk where the floor, and the bar, stay packed. T he Tuesday nights have become an intergenerational to-do, making dance partners out of tattooed young Nashvillians and graying veterans.  Kevin and Brendan eat, sleep and breathe music, reviving honky tonk’s golden age with every show they play.

Enjoy below!

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