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Net Neutrality Might Be Dead, But The Fight Is Not Over For Now

It’s a sad time for everyone, especially geeks and nerds who all rely on the internet.  Major punching bag and FCC chairman Ajit Pai is one of the most hated people in america and claims the end of net neutrality is a good thing for a free and open internet.  Um, that’s not true.  Telecom and cable companies will make the internet more like cable TV, and that will raise costs for everyone.  I mean, Ajit Pai appeared on CBS This Morning, and you should see the comments on the video and see how many dislikes there are.

Anyways, for now you are not going to see much changes, because nearly half the states in America are suing to keep net neutrality.  And states like Washington have passed laws to keep strong net neutrality rules and those laws will likely be sued in court.  Plus, the US Senate passed a bill to keep net neutrality rules.  It’s unlikely to pass in the US House, but this is where you come in.  The elections in November can decide the future of net neutrality.  Vote for the candidates, usually Democrats, that want to support net neutrality.

If nothing changes, and you see the telecom and cable companies begin to divide up the internet into fast and slow lanes, and begin to bundle the internet like cable TV, you are going to have major revolts and fights in the United States.  More than 75% of people support net neutrality, and if money and greed begins to get into the way, people are not going to have it!  Watch below as The Verge explains the next steps in the fight to keep net neutrality and the internet open and free below!

And this video from BBC News explains the current net neutrality fight very well!

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