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Congratulations, The Lost Voice Guy Wins Britain’s Got Talent

I have been following Lost Voice Guy on Britain’s Got Talent for a while now.  While I do live in the United States, I can watch clips of Lost Voice Guy on YouTube.  Anyways,  Lost Voice Guy (Lee Ridley) has had no voice for over 30 years.  And he is on Britain’s Got Talent using a tablet performing as a stand up comedian.  He pre-programs his routines into a voice synthesiser due to complications from his cerebral palsy, and he does an amazing job!  See, having a disability means you are not punished in life, and I am glad to see the Lost Voice Guy shine on stage!

Lost Voice Guy made it through the competition.  He did great during the semifinals.

And blew the house down during the finals.

And he made it to the top 3.  Here is the video of the announcement that he won the show!

Congrats to Lost Voice Guy, the first comedian to win Britain’s Got Talent!  He won £250,000, and will get to perform at the Royal Variety Performance.  Yes, that means Lost Voice Guy will perform in front of the Royal Family and Queen Elizabeth.  Also, the runner-up was Robert White.  Who is “the only gay, Aspergic, quarter-Welsh comic on the British comedy circuit.”  He is a musical comedian who also has Asperger’s Syndrome.  His final performance on the show was great as well!

It’s amazing to see two people with two different disabilities be the final two on a show where people vote on their favorite acts they watched on TV.  I wish we will see the Lost Voice Guy or Robert White maybe guest appear on America’s Got Talent during the live shows later this Summer.  Or maybe they will be on America’s Got Talent: The Champions that will bring in top people from Got Talent versions around the world this Winter.  Great job Lost Voice Guy and Robert White!

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