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Roadscapes Wednesday: ALDOT Screws Up A Brand New Interstate Sign In Birmingham

Gotta love ALDOT, and the contractors that work for them.  This week, crews installed a new BGS (Big Green Sign) over I-20 West / I-59 South before the I-65 junction.  Never mind that the arrows for the lane you are supposed to be in is currently not correct, that will change once construction is complete.  Take a look at the Interstate shields on the sign.  Does I-20 now go north to Hunstville, and does I-65 now join I-59 and heads west towards Tuscaloosa?

Yeah, this is not correct.  There are some big errors on this sign!  Apparently a contractor making road signs for ALDOT screwed up the Interstate numbers.  Oh well, I hope not more taxpayer money will be spent to correct this sign.

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