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Roadscapes Wednesday: ALDOT Screws Up A Brand New Interstate Sign In Birmingham

Gotta love ALDOT, and the contractors that work for them.  This week, crews installed a new BGS (Big Green Sign) over I-20 West / I-59 South before the I-65 junction.  Never mind […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: The 30 Dumbest Road Signs

Yeah, I think we all have seen a dumb road sign here and there.  And the YouTube channel Top Media has compiled a countdown highlighting the 30 dumbest road signs you might find on […]

Would You Want To Be In A No Tech Zone

NOOOOOO!!!!!!  A city did not put this sign up, but you have to wonder if some government in the future might deem technology as evil and should be banned in certain places. […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: My New Handcrafted Roadscapes Signs

On this Roadscapes, on a Thursday.  I am showing off my new road signs I designed to be used in future roadscapes videos.  All of the signs are blue, and all the […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Move Over Law

Many states have a move over law on the books.  The move over law is for the protection and safety of emergency workers doing their jobs on a highway.  The law is […]

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