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Roadscapes: Shrubs Covering Stop Sign And Potholes In Street

I have been noticing this and I needed to talk about this.  On the street block I live on in Anniston, Alabama, there are a few issues that needs to be addressed.  First off, a stop sign is mostly covered up from shrubs near my house.  At the stop sign located at Wilmer Avenue and 5th Street, one stop sign is close to being fully covered up.  I have seen several cars not stopping and going through the intersection.  Thankfully it’s a 3-way stop, but a car coming down 5th Street wanting to turn onto Wilmer might not see that car who does not stop and then there is a wreck.

Also, along Wilmer Ave. between 5th and 6th streets, there are several spots where potholes have formed, and this is only in a one block radius.

And I might as well throw this in as the section of Wilmer Ave. between 6th Street and AL-202 needs the road lines repainted, you can barely see them now.  There is supposed to be a center turning lane in the middle.

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