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This Post Explains Why I Would Be The Perfect Blogger For Busabout’s Ultimate Travel Squad

So I found this contest on social media, and I thought I should give it a shot, you never know about anything.  The company Busabout is running a contest where one YouTuber, one blogger, one Instagrammer, and one Snapchatter would get to spend three months in Europe on a European summer adventure and document every step of the experience on their social networks and blog.  I have submitted my YouTube video.

And I have submitted my Instagram post.

So now, what is left is too explain why I would be the perfect blogger for this experience.  I will list five reasons below on why this would be an awesome experience for me.  Let’s begin!

I take great photos

Since beginning Geek Alabama in 2011, I have taken tens of thousands of photos.  I usually travel to cover events whenever I can, and those events range from concerts, festivals, charities, and much more.  Many people have thanked me for profiling their events.

I take great videos

I also take videos of events as well.  My YouTube channel has hundreds of videos ranging from events, vlogs, reviews, and many more!  Running a blog these days is much more than writing, photos and videos must be involved too!

I draw roads

One of the most interesting things I can do is draw roads, yep.  If I got the opportunity to go to Europe, I would certainly explore how the road networks are different in each European country.  And yes, each country has some differences.

I run an successful blog

Since I have began Geek Alabama way back in 2011, I have done some amazing things that I could never do without blogging.  I got to interview some amazing people, I got to cover a lot of amazing events, I got to review some amazing products, and I have gotten to do many other amazing things.  As of this post, I have gotten around 1.2 million views, that means I am doing something right!

Don’t let an disability stop me

Yes, I have Asperger’s Syndrome, a high functioning form of Autism, but I have never let that stop me from doing things.  I run a very successful blog, I am a wonderful photographer and videographer, and I can write very well too!  I would love to continue to prove that having a handicap means your life is not horrible.  And that you can do whatever you want to do!

So there you have it!  I hope Busabout will at least get a chance to do a Skype interview with me.  And if they need more convincing, please view my visual resume below, thanks!

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