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Sunday Discussion: Cracker Barrel vs. Waffle House – Back Porch Bickerin’

In the south, there are two restaurant chains you can find almost everywhere.  The first is Waffle House, where it’s a small style diner where you can get waffles, hashbrowns, burgers, and more.  The pros on Waffle House is their waffles and hashbrowns are super good, and you can watch their cooks make your entire meal.  And every location is open 24/7!  And then there is Cracker Barrel, the place where you can get a home style meal and buy some interesting stuff as well.  The pros of Cracker Barrel are those front porch rocking chairs, the games you can play while waiting for your meal, and the things you can buy at the gift shop.

So, which one is your favorite?  Waffle House or Cracker Barrel?  The YouTube channel It’s a Southern Thing has another episode in their Back Porch Bickerin’ series.  Watch as porch panelists Matt and Calli ‘hash’ it out over which is the better restaurant chain.  As for me, I am team Waffle House all the way!


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