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Business Review: 2nd & Charles Oxford

In 2017, a new business took over a popular bookstore called Books-A-Million.  The new business is called 2nd and Charles.  This type of bookstore is very different from its big brother.

In this bookstore, all they sell is used books.  That’s right, mostly everything in the store is used.  You can even bring in used items, and it can turn into either a store credit or cash.  2nd and Charles thrives on the used product market.  It was very hard to sell your used stuff, until now.

And the used stuff in the store is very good quality.  The prices are pretty good too.  2nd and Charles has a wide variety of books to choose from.  Some books are outside in the free book bin.  Quite a few books sell for very cheap.  And there is a good chance you will find the book you are looking for in the store.

But 2nd and Charles does not only sell books.  This store is a paradise for any geek or nerd.  2nd and Charles have plenty of used comic books and other geeky and nerdy merchandise.  From posters, figurines, t-shirts, and even gaming consoles, this store will have it.  2nd and Charles even sells games from very old gaming consoles.

2nd and Charles also carries used guitars, DVDs, music CDs, and vinyl records.  If you love music, 2nd and Charles is an awesome place to go to.  No matter if you like books, comics, music, or many other things.  2nd and Charles is worth a visit.  Be careful, as you might spend more money than what you budgeted before walking into the front door.

2nd and Charles here in East Alabama, is located in Oxford next to Martin’s Family Clothing across from the Quintard Mall.  Learn more about 2nd and Charles at:

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