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Animation Monday: Dinosaur, A Film By Nathan And His Dad

I found an animated short film that was really cool!  In the title called Dinosaur, a film by Nathan & his Dad, Allen Mezquida animated the drawings made by his four-year old son.  Nathan spends […]

See Pictures And A Video From Dinosaur Journeys In Oxford, Alabama

Here in Oxford, Alabama.  A special attraction is currently open, and if you’re looking to do something with your kids and family during the Christmas break, head to this place.  Inside the […]

Watch The Latest Jurassic World Trailer And See People Being Eaten Alive

You know what is coming.  Hey, we still think dinosaurs can still be tamed, so let’s open a new dinosaur amusement park.  Surely, the dinosaurs won’t eat people, right?  Universal released the […]

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