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Animation Monday: Review Of The My Little Pony Movie

So I know I am very late on this.  But I need to review the My Little Pony Movie.  The movie came out in October, and will soon be out on DVD and streaming online.  The movie is an adventure where the Mane 6 goes to new locations we have never seen in Equestria.  And it’s a save mission, because Tempest Shadow, working for The Storm King, wants to take over all the power in Equestria.  Overall, the animation work in this movie is really well done!  The writing is done very well too.

The movie begins as Canterlot is preparing for the friendship festival.  Before the festival can even get going, Tempest Shadow invades Canterlot, turns the three older princesses to stone, and the Mane 6 escape by falling away from Canterlot before being captured.  Poor ponies in Canterlot, who are now captured, tied up, mouths covered up, and forced to be slaves.  One thing I always wonder is how ponies don’t get depression or mental disorders, since so many disasters happen in Equestria so often.

The Mane 6 travel to this Star Wars like desert town called Klugetown in search of some hippos.  And the group meet a feline named Capper.  Yep, sell the Mane 6 to pay off debt, what a wonderful idea!  It’s not long until Tempest Shadow catches up, and the Mane 6 escape using a windmill to board an airship.  The pirates on the ship are giant birds!  And once again, Tempest Shadow catches up and the Mane 6 escapes by falling through a trap door and onto a hot air balloon.  The group is now searching for the hippogriffs, but Tempest finds a map and destroys the airship before moving on.  Doing a sonic rainboom was not a good idea!

The Mane 6 reach Mount Aris and an underground cave where they are sucked into the water and given air bubble helmets where we find Seaquestria.  Many fans wanted to see Seaquestria, and we finally got to see it!  The group meets Skystar and the hippogriffs, and the Mane 6 gets turned into hippogriffs, and Spike was turned into a fish.  The thing is Queen Novo is hiding from The Storm King, they don’t want to be slaves!  Twilight does a naughty thing and tries to steal the magic pearl and is banished.  Twilight’s friends are angry at her, Twilight gets angry at her friends, and Twilight then gets captured by Tempest Shadow.  She has done this before, doubting herself.  It got her captured this time!

Tempest Shadow gets all giddy that the princess of friendship has no friends.  And we learn why Tempest Shadow lost her horn and is all evil.  All thank to that celestial bear, Tempest’s horn is ripped off, and can not functionally do magic.  This causes her to lose her friends, and become isolated and mean.  That was a good song by Tempest Shadow by the way.  Ah, the lessons when friendship has failed, tough to watch.  The Mane 6 without Twilight, along with Capper, parrot pirates, and Skystar, decide to rescue Twilight and save Equestria.  Ah, tough to watch those captured and slaved ponies all tied up and muzzled.

The Storm King gets all the powers, and has fun moving the sun and moon back and forth.  Seriously, that is what you want to do with all that power, kind of childish don’t you think?  When The Storm King sees an attempt to save Twilight and Equestria, he unleashes this big powerful tornado, something never seen before in Equestria.  And Tempest Shadow finds out the hard way that she was used.  Ah, and Twilight saves Tempest Shadow from her doom.  And before The Storm King kills them off, the other Mane 6 ponies come crashing in.  The Mane 6 work together to get the staff, and Twilight gets sucked into the tornado.  As this is Equestria, Twilight comes back flying in, no need to be sad here.  Boy, would it be sad if Twilight was actually killed here.

You think it’s all over with the group hug, but The Storm King uses an orb to attempt to petrify the Mane 6, but Tempest Shadow sacrifices herself and her along with The Storm King turn to stone.  The Storm King falls to the ground and breaks apart, but Tempest Shadow is saved by the Mane 6 and the staff.  Tempest Shadow restores everything to the way it was.  Everything is back to normal, we get to hear a song from Songbird Serenade, and the end credits were really well done!

So, yeah the movie is not perfect.  But, I really enjoyed the animation work, it was really spectacular.  It was like this movie could have came from Pixar.  The writing was great for the kids, and there were plenty of jokes for the adults too.  The songs were really catchy and written well.  It was a good movie.  Even if you are not a MLP fan, this movie is worth a watch.

My Little Pony: The Movie will be released on December 19, 2017 for digital downloads with a Blu-ray, DVD and On Demand scheduled for a January 9, 2018 release.

All photos copyright from Hasbro Studios.

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