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Animation Monday: Super Science Friends

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On this Animation Monday, on a Tuesday, let’s talk about a new online animated series where it’s first episode is now out!  The series is called Super Science Friends, and it’s nothing like the classic Super Friends many grew up with.  So, what happens when you get a bunch of early time renowned scientists and made a crime fighting team out them?  This is the theme for this series!

The series features heroes like Sigmund Freud who has mind-control powers, but they’re restricted to psycho-sexual thoughts only.  And Nikola Tesla who has electricity powers that needs worked on.  Or Marie Curie who can heal people using radiation, but can’t be exposed to too much radiation herself.  You also have Charles Darwin who can devolve into any animal.  And you also see Winston Churchill, young Albert Einstein, Tapputi, and others coming together to defeat the time traveling Nazi’s during WWII.

Brett Jubinville created this series and Tinman Creative Studios in Toronto, Canada are the ones making this series.  And they use state-of-the-art 1940’s style traditional animation.  Episode 1 is called The Phantom Premise, and it’s here thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign!  Enjoy!

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