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Learn More And Sign Your Kids Up For The Wonder League Robotics Competition


I was contacted about a new contest that wants kids from ages 6-11 to create their own robots for a chance to win a STEM field trip to tour Universal Studios and meet the artists who work on the Minions at Illumination Entertainment!   This robotics competition is a first of its kind as kids as young as 6 years old to 11 years old can participate.  Kids will code solutions to real-world challenges related to space exploration.  With this event, coding is the new team sport for kids younger than ever before. So far there are over 2000 kids signed up, and you can sign up right now!

Thousands of kids are coding for the Wonder League’s first ever nationwide Robotics Competition starting today with their Dash & Dot robots!  With this event, coding is the new team sport for kids younger than ever before.  They were inspired by the recent New Horizons expedition to Pluto to make this year’s coding missions all about space exploration.  Kids will send Dash off to explore a newly discovered distant planet. They’ll have to blast out of Earth’s atmosphere, make it through the Asteroid Belt, and slingshot around other planets using their gravitational pull.

This year’s grand prize is a free STEM Field Trip to California for everyone on the team plus adult chaperones! Kids will get to:

  • Meet artists who work on the Minions at Illumination Entertainment
  • Meet career role models and learn about building space robots at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Tour Universal Studios
  • Learn from game makers at EA
  • Present at a Tech Talk to engineers at Google
  • And much more

Are your kids going to join in on the fun? You have to sign up by November 1 to qualify for prizes and give the kids enough time to complete the missions.

Don’t have a robot? Use the coupon code COMPETITION to get $20 off a Dash & Dot Pack at the store.  They are inviting children all over the country to show the world that even the youngest amongst us can achieve the impossible.

Learn more and sign up at:

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