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Why I See Nothing Wrong With The Alabama Alpha Phi Recruitment Video


So this has been making the rounds across Alabama, and I knew someone would contact me to talk about this.  So here I go!  A chapter of Alpha Phi at the University of Alabama made a recruitment video.  The video shows mostly young women, and since this sorority is made up of women, you would think that this video featuring women having a good time would make sense.  But!  The video does a lot more than show off what the women at Alabama’s Alpha Phi sorority does.  Before I go further, here is a copy of the video on YouTube.  The original was taken down, but as we all know, once you post something on the internet, it NEVER goes away.

The reason why the video has gone viral with mostly every news agency around the world talking about this, is the way the women were shown in the video above.  For some, they hated the video because the women were all mostly white and blonde.  For some, they hated the video because it shows Alabama as some kind of party school.  And for others, they hated the video because it portrays women as some kind of party/sex symbol.  Once the video was uploaded to YouTube, the sorority began to receive a ton of bashful comments.

So what are my thoughts about that video above?  I don’t see anything wrong with it!  I mean, these are women who were just putting together a colorful recruitment video for their sorority.  And before you say “well you are a guy and were you turned on by those good shots of the women.”  Is just about every guy turned on by cute women?  The video had not illegal in it; there were no drugs, no alcohol, no nudity, or nothing NSFW in it.  Most others criticized the video for the lack of diversity.  Okay, did you see the African-American football player in the video?  I saw him!

I mean, are college kids not supposed to have some fun here and there?  Kids in college go though a lot of stress, and they need some time to have some fun!  I thought the video did a good job showing life for the Alpha Phi sorority at Alabama.  It includes hanging out, swimming in the Black Warrior River, and of course, watching football at Bryant-Denny Stadium.  The football thing is a HUGE part of life at Alabama, and if you are going to make a Alabama sorority recruitment video, you better include football!

And are we also offended by seeing women wearing bathing suits?  Come on everyone!  Women have the same right as men to swim.  And women really do care about their fashion as well!  There were no “sexual” clothing in that video above.  Some got worked up when the video showed the ladies from behind with Big Al walking towards the stadium.  I mean, there was nothing wrong with that!  As for the lack of diversity, Alabama has a very diverse base of students.

Yes, the University of Alabama has had a troubled past with minority students.  But not every video made by students from Alabama has to include a black or tan student in it!  AL.com published an article where someone compared this sorority video as being worse than Donald Trump.  You know what, I will tell you who is worse than that sorority video above.  It’s you people on the internet who criticizes, bullies, or bashes something so small and minor, and those who does not have a life.

It’s time to man or woman up, and realize that something so minor as this Alpha Phi recruitment video from Alabama does not offend you.  It does not offend me, and it should not offend you.  There is nothing wrong with this video, end of story!

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