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Five Preschool Shows The People In The Alabama Legislature Should Watch


Congrats Alabama Legislature!  You are wrapping up a special session, and did almost nothing!  Nope, you either sat on your butts, whined, argued, or never compromised.  And the results, no General Fund budget, no lottery bill, no revenue bills, and nothing passed except for a few local bills.  But hey, you can go back to your district and tell everyone that you did not raise taxes.  Who cares about what harm that would cause in this state, people hate government!

So in this post, I am going to encourage our legislators to sit down, cool off, and learn a few things they apparently forgot while they were little kids.  Things like sharing, making friends, compromising, not stealing, and doing the right thing, are things you should have learned while in preschool!  Sadly, those lessons somehow have left their brains, and they need to put back in their brains.  I want you legislators to sit down and watch a few episodes of these five preschool shows below before you go back to your second special session.  Wasting taxpayer money on nothing is not fun!

Peg + Cat


Why this show?  It teaches you a lot about math, and how numbers add up the right way!  You legislators have problems with adding up numbers, I see this in the news all the time!  Who cares if the numbers are wrong, or these numbers would result in people being harmed, let’s just pass it and go home.  You need a few lessons in math, and understanding that low numbers means you need to add new numbers, or new revenue sources!

Jake and the Neverland Pirates


Why this show?  Well other than the good lessons, it’s based in the Peter Pan world.  You know, pirates stealing everything, kind of like what you are doing legislature!  You need to understand this clowns down in Montgomery, stealing from the poor while the rich barely pays anything does not work!  And you need to understand basic tax and money structure, a show like this should be required watching!

Dora the Explorer


Why this show?  Well you learn a lot about picking things out, but the other good part is you learn about different cultures and things.  Alabama has had a major problem with other cultures, from blacks being beaten, to passing a bill harming Latinos.  Watching a show like Dora will show you that people of different cultures and beliefs are not evil people.  And why not mix things up, and quit screwing the poor and vulnerable for a change?

Barney and Friends


Why this show?  Boy do you people down in the state house need to watch this one!  Apparently you have problems with sharing, agreeing on things, or even compromising on bills.  A show like Barney will show you why it’s important to share, why it’s important to agree with others, and why it’s so important to compromise, even if you don’t like some things.  See, sharing and caring can be cool!

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic


Why this Show?  Well many kids and adults watch this show!  And this show has plenty of lessons you people in Montgomery needs to learn about!  Being friends with others is a good thing, even if your friends are in a different party, or have different beliefs!  You all have problems down there being friends, or if you are friends, sorting out differences!  Yep, you all down in the state house needs to watch this show!

So clowns in Montgomery?  What is it going to take to get you all to quit standing on your high horse and do something for the good of Alabama?  If this does not work, we are doomed!  Or the people are doomed because most of us elected these weirdos in the first place!

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