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Food Review: Key Lime Pie, Funnel Cake, Tropical Island New Chek List Flavors


So on this Food Reviews, I am reviewing the three new flavors in the New Chek List contest from Winn-Dixie.  These three flavors are only out for a limited time, and the flavor/person with the most votes will get a new Mini Cooper, and the flavor might become a permanent Chek soda flavor, so the stakes are high!  If you want to watch me review the three flavors, enjoy below!

The first flavor I tried was Key Lime Pie Soda.  The color was green, and after tasting, it was very heavy on the lime flavor.  In fact, I was only mostly tasting the lime.  I thought this soda was Sprite without the lemon.  It was okay for me!

The second soda was Funnel Cake Soda.  It did smell like a funnel cake and the color was like a cream soda coloring.  But after tasting, I was tasting a major butter or butterscotch flavor, and that was about it!  This was very heavy on the butter like flavor.

The third soda was Tropical Island Soda.  The color was pink, and it almost tasted like Hawaiian Punch.  The soda was heavy on the fruit flavors, and I enjoyed this soda.  The taste did not overpower my mouth like the other flavors did.

So, I picked the Tropical Island soda, I thought it was the best out of the three!  But hey, you decide!  You have until September 30th to vote on your favorite flavor.  To vote go to:

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