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How To See If Your Website Is Mobile Friendly


If you missed the news, Google has changed their search algorithm to put results with a mobile friendly website on top of the search results versus results without a mobile friendly website.  The new search methods do not affect those using Google on their computer, but don’t be surprised if that soon changed too.  You see, more and more people are using Google on their smartphones, and the number continues to climb.

it’s a sobering wake-up call to anyone running a website.  You better get up to speed on mobile.  Or, you will get buried in search results, see far less web traffic, and lose money.  Thankfully, Google has a website to check if your website is mobile friendly!  Just enter your domain name and you will see if your site is mobile friendly.  And if you asking, the Geek Alabama site is mobile friendly!


To check to see if your site is mobile friendly, go to:

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