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See The Tragic City Rollers And All Stars In A Doubleheader This Weekend


So, do you know about roller skating for women?  I don’t mean ladies just skating around for fun.  I mean women roller skating and battling each other to see who wins!  And it might even involve knocking other women out of the way!  Welcome to the world of competitive roller derby.  And this weekend in the Birmingham Metro, you can see a doubleheader of women battling each other on roller skates!  Need an idea on how this works, check out this video below!

This weekend at the Zamora Shrine Temple in Birmingham, you can see the Tragic City Rollers battle the Hard Knox Brawlers.  You can also see the Tragic City All Stars battle the Hard Knox All Stars.  The league strives to develop women of athleticism and character. Founded in 2005 in Birmingham, AL, the Tragic City Rollers realize that roller derby is more than just a sport; it is social activism, community service, and a character-building activity for women across different social backgrounds. It is the league’s goal to enrich the lives of their skaters and fans while also bringing awareness to local charities and businesses.


The league is made up of women in age from 19 to 45.  They are mothers, teachers, IT professionals, librarians, servers, nurses, social workers, students, and everything in between.  The show begins on Saturday, April 4th starting at 5 pm.  Tickets are $15 at the door or $10 online.  Learn more at: http://tragiccityrollers.com/

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