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Music Thursdays: Sign The Sonic Highways Petition To Visit Muscle Shoals

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The Foo Fighters have completed their first season of the HBO show Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways.  The show is an American TV documentary series created for HBO by Dave Grohl. The documentary was made concurrently with Foo Fighters eighth album, Sonic Highways.  To celebrate the Food Fighters eighth album, the band decided to go out on the road and each song on the new album was recorded in a different city, featuring “local legends” on each song and lyrics inspired by the ”experiences, interviews and personalities that became part of the process.”

The band visited cities like Chicago, Austin, Nashville, Los Angeles, Seattle, New Orleans, Washington, D.C., and New York.  And yes, places like Nashville is rich in music culture.  But, the band forgot to stop in one city that is famous for its music, Muscle Shoals!  And with the band saying there might be a season 2 of Sonic Highways, a visit to Muscle Shoals is a must!  Think about it!  Artists like Rolling Stones to Aretha Franklin became famous in Muscle Shoals.  And many artists have visited and recorded in Muscle Shoals.  It’s a wonder why Sonic Highways did not visit the town for season one.

So, Chris Wright who is the DJ of Rock 105.9 has started a petition to have the Foo Fighters come to Muscle Shoals to record a season two episode of Sonic Highways, if it happens.  If a season 2 of Sonic Highways happens, and Muscle Shoals is not visited, it would be a shame!

View and sign the petition at:

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