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This Is The Dinner Recipe Alabama Googles The Most


Well, need something for dinner tonight?  Apparently many people across Alabama and the country regularly goes to Google and finds a dinner recipe to try.  Now thanks to Google Trends, we now know what people in Alabama Googles the most when it comes to dinner recipe ideas.  Drumroll please!  The recipe Alabama Googles the most is, potato salad!


Yes, people in Alabama Googles more about potato salad than any other dinner dish.  I find that kind of weird, because Alabama is really known for their meat, like BBQ.  I guess people enjoys more cold dishes in Alabama than warm/hot dishes.  So, we know what Alabama like to Google for dinner, what about the neighboring states?  In Tennessee, it’s grilled ribs.  In Mississippi, it’s steak.  In Florida, it’s chicken.  And in Georgia, it’s lemon pepper chicken.  Here is the most Googled dinner recipe from each state.

  • Alabama: Potato Salad
  • Alaska: Prime Rib
  • Arizona: Shrimp
  • Arkansas: Tortillas
  • California: Chicken Breast
  • Colorado: Chicken Fried Steak
  • Connecticut: Moroccan Chicken Thighs
  • Delaware: Dinner Salad
  • District of Columbia: Stuffed Peppers
  • Florida: Chicken
  • Georgia: Lemon Pepper Chicken
  • Hawaii: Chicken Salad
  • Idaho: Tilapia Fish Tacos
  • Illinois: Salmon
  • Indiana: Potato Skillet
  • Iowa: Pizza Dough
  • Kansas: Casserole
  • Kentucky: Sweet Potato
  • Louisiana: Chili
  • Maine: Boiled Ham
  • Maryland: Chicken
  • Massachusetts: Chicken
  • Michigan: Meatloaf
  • Minnesota : Salmon
  • Mississippi: Steak
  • Missouri: Chicken Wrap
  • Montana: Bean Taco Soup
  • Nebraska: Brisket
  • Nevada: Indian Dinner
  • New Hampshire: Corned Beef
  • New Jersey: Chicken
  • New Mexico: Egg Burger
  • New York: Chicken
  • North Carolina: Chili
  • North Dakota: Chicken Spaghetti
  • Ohio: Spaghetti
  • Oklahoma: Steak
  • Oregon: Ramen
  • Pennsylvania: Steak
  • Rhode Island: Butternut Squash
  • South Carolina: Steak
  • South Dakota: Ramen
  • Tennessee: Grilled Ribs
  • Texas: Chicken
  • Utah: Spaghetti
  • Vermont: Chicken
  • Virginia: Paneer
  • Washington: Fried Rice
  • West Virginia: Tacos
  • Wisconsin: Rice Ball
  • Wyoming: Lobster

So, need some potato salad ideas?  Here are a couple of videos to help you out!

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