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Animation Monday: Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil / Penn Zero: Part Time Hero

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On this Animation Monday, on a Tuesday, I wanted to talk about the two newest cartoons on DisneyXD.  Both Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil and Penn Zero: Part Time Hero have premiered, and I thought both cartoons will be lasting for a while!  Let’s first start with Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil.

Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil is created by Daron Nefcy (former storyboard revisionist for Wander Over Yonder and Robot and Monster) and is the second woman to create an animated series for Disney Television Animation, and also the first woman to create a DisneyXD series.  The main character is Star Butterfly, who is a teenage princess from the alternate dimension of Mewni.  She processes this magical wand to fight off evil monsters and the wand will create anything she thinks about.


So, Star is not ready for the big time.  So Star’s family sends her to the dimension of Earth.  She arrives in the town of Echo Creek to live with the Diaz family.  And you can bet that Star will not be living some normal teenage girl life.  Star along with Marco Diaz, a teenage boy, goes to high school and battles villains throughout the universe and dimensions.  They do this to protect her wand, which is very powerful and falling into the wrong hands is not good!  While battling monsters, Star must master the use of her wand?  So, can she do it, or will she be sent to that bad princess reform school like Pony Head was sent too?


After seeing the first two episodes, I thought the series has some promise!  Although, I can see where this is going.  Soon, Star and Marco will develop some teenage love interest, and along with the villains being fought, you will see love making in action, am I right?  The storylines were good, and I enjoyed the animation work, but I hope this series will feature mostly Star fighting off villans, while trying to master her wand.  At least that is what I hope will happen!

So, let’s talk about Penn Zero: Part Time Hero now!  The series is created by Jared Bush  and Sam Levine and is about Penn Zero, a normal boy who becomes a part-time hero and a leader of a team who saves the day by fighting villains in other worlds.  Kind of sounds like that Star series!  What this show differs from the Star cartoon is the animation style, which looks more like paper and computer graphics.  And the main character is Penn Zero, whose parents are also heroes.  Must run in the family!


I have seen a few episodes, including the first one where Penn Zero and friends named  Boone Wiseman and Sashi Kobayashi save Christmas from the gingerbread men taking over the North Pole.  While batting school, Penn has a side job being a part time hero.  He actually gets some advice from his parents.  My advice, choose a different career path!  What I also like is Penn is not afraid to ask for advice from his friends, that comes in handy!


So, I thought this series had more action and a better storyline.  I also liked the animation qualities, it looked more like you were watching a pop up book in action.  I think the Penn Zero series so far shows more promise for Disney than the Star cartoon series.  But it’s early, and both shows will have a second season.  I know, already getting a second season after premiering, it takes a lot of time to make a cartoon!  I really like seeing DisneyXD going more after animation.  I wish Disney Channel would do more animation than what they are doing now!

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