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10 Nutella Recipe Videos In Honor Of The Passing Of Michele Ferrero


A few days ago, we all learned that the person who made sure we all had a jar of Nutella died.  Michele Ferrero was the richest candyman on the planet, and his father invented Nutella during World War II when cocoa was being rationed.  Instead of cocoa, hazelnuts was used, and the rest is history!  Ferrero Chocolates helped to make Ferrero the richest person in Italy, and his death was a sad time for the Italian people.  Here is a video of his funeral.

In honor of Michele Ferrero, and Nutella, I have complied some of the best videos using Nutella.  Maybe you will buy a jar of Nutella and try these recipes.

And who can forget the Coke plus Nutella plus Mentos viral video?  RIP Michele Ferrero.

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