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What Would Be The Results If Alabama Citizens Got To Vote On A Gas Tax And Other Options

Currently, the Alabama Legislature is in a Special Session debating a 10 cent increase to the state gas tax.  While most of the legislature, along with groups from businesses, trucking, construction, and […]

Sunday Discussion: Five Things That Can Fix The Alabama Legislature Circus Act

On this Sunday Discussion, I wanted to talk about the chaos inside the circus otherwise known as the Alabama Legislature.  In the last seven days, Medicaid was almost killed in Alabama, Forever […]

What I Think About The Upcoming 2015 Alabama Special Session

Governor Robert Bentley, what were you thinking when you thought calling a surprise special session and surprising all the legislators was a good idea? I mean, everyone thought a special session in […]

Sunday Discussion: Five Alternatives To The Potential $700 Million Alabama Tax Increase

So Governor Bentley, you are proposing a $700 million tax hike and you will propose it during your State of the State address on March 3rd.  He even said its tough being a […]

Sunday Discussion: Support An Alabama Lottery Petition

As you know, the state of Alabama is super broke!  The state’s general fund budget has a deficit of up to $300 million dollars.  And Governor Bentley has proposed things like raising […]

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