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Enjoy Playing With Windows 93 On This Cold Winter Night


Looking to re-live your classic Windows good-ole days?  I have got the website for you!  Jankenpopp & Zombectro have created Windows 93.  This never existed, but this parody Windows operating system has become something most of us geeks and nerds have enjoyed!  When you go to the site, you see it boot up, then you hear that familiar classic Windows start up song.  Some of the programs includes cat explorer, which works!  You also have Piskel, which works like Ms Paint.  You can also watch a Windows 93 version of Star Wars, play games like Solitude, Castle GAFA, and Arena.

A tip, if you somehow click on a virus, like the Hydra, just click on Doctor Marburg to clean things up.  To enjoy Windows 93, go to:

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