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The Things I Will Not Miss When Windows 10 Comes Out


So, the much waited Windows 10 is coming out in late July, and that means everyone will probably need to make that upgrade.  When Windows 10 comes out, some features you have seen on Windows 7 and Windows 8 will not be there!  From the end of Windows Media Player, to the end of the desktop gadgets, here are some things you will not see when Windows 10 comes onto your computer.

1.  No more Windows Media Player

I mean, who is going to miss this?  Today, I still have Windows 7, and I don’t even use Windows Media Player.  I use VLC Media Player because it’s much better!  So, I don’t think many will miss the media player, and will find good alternatives like VLC!

2.  No more Windows Sidebar Gadgets

I don’t think I will miss these too much.  The one gadget I use the most is the weather gadget, since I share and post weather information on social media. I also like the picture gadget, but the other gadgets like the clock, well the clock is already on the bottom.  I will not miss this!

3.  All Windows updates will be automatic

This I will not like!  Anytime Windows updates, it causes my computer to be super slow!  And it sometimes causes the computer the crash and I have to start over.  Will be the automatic updates be better than what I have on Windows 7, we will see!

4.  No more Microsoft Games

Games like Solitaire, Minesweeper, and Hearts will not be a part of Windows 10.  I don’t play these games so I won’t miss them.  But, if you like these games you can just download them via Microsoft.

5.  No more DVD playback

DVD playback will require separate software, like the VLC Media Player, that you need!

6.  No more use of floppy drives

Who uses floppy disks anymore?  If you still do, you will have to download and install new drivers

7.  Cortana will be limited

The Microsoft software Cortana will only be available in US, Canada, UK, China, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain at launch.  I won’t be using this much, because I have an older computer.

8.  No more Windows Live Essentials

Again, I don’t use this.  This will be replaced with Microsoft OneDrive.

So, there are plenty more things will probably need to know about Windows 10 before you download and install it later this Summer.  Learn more at:

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