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What I Want For Christmas 2014, Plus My Hand-Drawn Christmas Card

Picture1swedvfgwe Christmas 2014

I have some of you asking me, what do you want for Christmas?  Well, I tell them this, a sustaining career.  And for starters, I am going to show you my hand-drawn Christmas card for 2014.  And yes, it might go viral, especially in Alabama.  The card features a corrupt Santa Claus and Rudolph fling over the skies of Alabama.  In his sleigh, it features the corrupt way the UAB football program ended, math and science books burning representing the poor education standards, a greedy and corrupt person with lots of money and a knife to backstab someone, a needle to represent the drug problem, a person holding up a sign saying looking for work representing the major unemployment problem in Alabama, a gun representing the gun violence in Alabama, and a dog in a cage representing greedy vets wanting to shut down low-cost spay and neuter clinics.

And of course, since Alabama is full of greedy and corrupt people in power, he left several bags of coal for Christmas.  And the greeting says Merry Christmas, and have a corrupt greedy new year!  Here is my 2014 hand drawn Christmas card, that will be sent to a lot of people!

card 001

So, what did you think, was that cool or what!  Now, for what I want for Christmas, and I made an infographic for that!  To sum things up, the things I want for Christmas are a  sustaining career, help moving since most likely I will have to move away from Anniston / Oxford (sorry mom), a trip to the dentist to fix the cavities I have (I will have to wait two months for an appointment at the low-cost clinic), some new clothes since I have worn the same clothes for years now, and after all of that, a better computer and camera equipment so I can do a better job on Geek Alabama.  View the infographic below!

Let me just say this, Christmas will be an interesting day at my mom’s house.  Because I am only going to be talking about one thing, it’s time to move!  Unless you want to continue to pay the apartment rent, and my groceries starting in 2015.  It’s not my fault the Anniston / Oxford area is one of the worst metro areas in America for business, unemployment, and the overall economy.  Heck, even Moody’s said this!


I have watched several others I know already leave for other places and I will have to be next.  I will not be getting on disability, and there is hardly any hiring going on around here, and many others have told me to move.  So what is the next step, I guess I will find out on Christmas day!  So for now, enjoy my hand drawn Christmas card and infographic!  Let’s see what happens next!

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