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The Struggles Of The Anniston / Oxford Metro / Here Are Ten Ways To Turn The Metro Around

Welcome to the longest post I have ever written on Geek Alabama!  This over 5,200 word post will explain the frustrations of living in Anniston and Calhoun County for the last 10 years along with […]

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What I Want For Christmas 2014, Plus My Hand-Drawn Christmas Card

  I have some of you asking me, what do you want for Christmas?  Well, I tell them this, a sustaining career.  And for starters, I am going to show you my […]

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Sunday Discussion: More Reasons Why Anniston/Oxford Is In Serious Trouble

Well, the Anniston/Oxford area continues to slide into a deep and dark black hole.  And these few things I am going to talk about today will show you why this area continues […]

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Anniston / Oxford, The Problems Needs To Come To A End

Anniston, Anniston, Anniston, why do you keep shooting yourself in the foot?  Since city officials including the mayor Vaughn Stewart and the city council knows me, because I endorsed them when they […]

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View The How To Turn The Anniston / Oxford Area Around Presentation

After getting tired of being unemployed, seeing multiple people on the side of the road holding up signs saying “help me”, leaders not listening to the people, and seeing multiple buildings for […]

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It’s Official, The Anniston/Oxford Metro Is In Deep Trouble

The Anniston/Oxford Metro has struggled over the past few years, mostly due to Fort McClellan shutting down and the job cuts at the Anniston Army Depot, BAE Systems, and other places.  Now, I […]

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Sunday Discussion: Spirit of Anniston, Christmas Parade, Anniston/Oxford Chaos

This is a special Sunday Discussion on a Monday! I so love talking about the problems in East Alabama on the Geek Alabama blog, not!  So, let’s talk about some new problems […]

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