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Music Thursdays: Emily Kinney, Kid Malik, Pentatonix Mary Did You Know

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This week on Music Thursdays, let’s talk about three musicians / bands that you should know!

Emily Kinney

Poor Beth, since she won’t be on The Walking Dead anymore, I guess we will have to get our Beth fix via music videos!  Beth was played by Emily Kinney, and not only she is a great actress, she is also a great musician!  To time her demise on The Walking Dead, she has released her new song called “Rockstar.”  And it’s very good!  Take a watch below!  Learn more about Emily Kinney at:

Kid Malik

I was contacted on Twitter about this group, and I watched their newest music video, and I thought it was good!  Kid Malik does rap, but the raps are clean, and not filled with lots of cuss words you often find in other rap songs.  The song in this music video is called “North Carolina.”  And you need to watch below!  Learn more about Kid Malik at:

Pentatonix – Mary, Did You Know

Wow, the a capella group Pentatonix does it again!  In their latest Christmas themed song called “Mary, Did You Know”, the group is inside a cave and each person is holding a lighted candle.  If this Christmas song does not get you into the Christmas spirit, I don’t know what will!  Watch now below!  Learn more about Pentatonix at:

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