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Animation Monday: Leo The Pet Robot, Breakfast In Paris, The Divide, Lesley The Pony

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This week on Animation Monday, while I monitor the severe weather happening in the southeast, I thought I would showcase four more animated videos that you should enjoy!

Leo The Pet Robot

From the Vimeo channel , comes a tale of a robot in a lonely world.  The world is in ruins, and the only thing left is a high-tech robot.  So what happens when the robot finds a butterfly in a lifeless world, watch below and find out!

Breakfast In Paris

This video on Vimeo is very funny!  And beautifully animated!  The video features a young man who did not eat breakfast.  Luckily, his mom comes to the rescue.  Why would this man run away from his own mom, watch below and find out!

The Divide

The Vimeo channel  brings us a video about man and nature.  In our world today, man and nature try to coexist, but their boundaries are falling apart.  This is a wonderful animated video, enjoy below!

Lesley The Pony

This video is very interesting!  The Vimeo channel  brings us Lesley The Pony.  Lesley The Pony goes on a fun-filled adventure through the town of Merryville while making lasting memories with his friend, The Duke.  Here is the crazy thing, the drawings were made by 4th graders, try not to get the song stuck in your head!

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